Nokia 6267: In pictures 1

Nokia 6267: In pictures
Pictures and clips of the Nokia 6267 The following pictures were added to Your Mobile Phone in July 2007. The 6267 flip phone is available in black Here the handset is unfolded (also available in grey). And a variety of other colours including orange and this funky blue.

Nokia 6267 Preview

Nokia 6267 Preview
Nokia is set to unveil later this year the arrival of a swish new flip-phone, part of the Nokia 40 series – the new Nokia 6267. The new Nokia 6267 will be 3G capable, contain a 2 megapixel camera and will enable expansion via memory card to 4Gb – ideal for MP3 and picture storage. ...

Nokia 6233 – best contract deal

Nokia 6233 - best contract deal
Every so often a very special deal comes along, and today’s turn is the Nokia 6233 on 3 Mobile. You can get this phone for free and 18 months free line rental (£15 a month – you receive a payment back for £270 after 18 months!). What’s more you get 250 free minutes of calls ...

Nokia N95

NOKIA N95 Mobile Phone Review of the Powerful Nokia N95 [Click here for the latest deals including SIM-free on the Nokia N95) RRP: £599.99 (sim-free) Nokia is due to release it’s latest generation Nokia series phone in Spring 2007. We thought the Nokia N93 would stay at the top of the Nokia tree for some ...