10 days till UK iPhone launch

The iPhone is only 10 days away from going on sale in the UK. Apple’s new iPhone is set to be a massive success – the initial handset cost will be £269 and you can only get the phone on Apple’s preferred mobile network which is 02.

You will have to take an 18 month contract (cheapest contract is £35 a month for 200 minutes and 200 free texts a month) but the enormous plus is that you will get unlimited data (internet) and unlimited wi-fi. Completely free wireless internet will be a huge plus point for this phone.

The Safari browser that comes with the iPhone is easily the best mobile internet experience we have ever used. It is the same interface present on the iPod Touch and is easy to browse even some of the more complex websites around.

Apple iPhone only available on 02

The Apple iPhone will sell out this Christmas. Make no mistake. If you are one of the early adopters of technology, a gadget freak, or you appreciate the finer things in life – there won’t be any other mobile phone that will give as much kudos as the new iPhone.

10 days. I’m excited….

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