New iPhone 2.0 rumours

No sooner has the Apple iPhone landed but work is underway, at a significant level, on the next generation iPhone (the iPhone 2.0?) which Apple aim to release by the end of 2008.

Any monkey could guess that one of the most significant improvements would be the ability to utilise 3G data support – a feature that is holding the iPhone back from some of its competitors, and also increased memory capacity. The current limit of 16Gb on Flash Memory (the current model has 8Gb) is also limiting to the iPod range – and various sources have quoted expectations of a memory capacity of 60Gb in the new handset.

Despite the fact the iPhone is ‘all about the screen’ Apple also hope to increase the size of the screen on the new iPhone to 5.2″. The main issue at present is improving the strengthening of the side panels and casing of the iPhone.

Apple is due to release a Software Development Pack shortly for the iPhone so that more programmers can produce their own programs for the iPhone. Apple will approve programs – but more likely this will lead to even more people jail-breaking their iphone and uploading the new apps.

Watch this space.

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