O2 unveils new iPhone 3.0 OS costs

Some of the much heralded new iPhone 3G updates, using the new iPhone 3.0 OS (operating system) will be available for free download, via iTunes, for all existing iPhone 3G and 2G users on the 17th June.

The arrival of MMS (multi-media messaging) to send pictures, sounds and more are one of the unique new features.

Also, the ability to use your iPhone to connect your laptop or netbook to the internet when outside Wi-Fi range, but still within mobile broadband range (also called tethering). This will be achieved either using the iPhone USB cable or even through Bluetooth.

However, the exclusive mobile network in the UK for the Apple iPhone, has unveiled some new price plans which have been truly abysmal.

First of all, one MMS will cost the equivalent of 4 SMS messages.  Users on a 600 SMS per month package will find that this will translate to a mere 150 MMS.

And as if that wasn’t shocking enough – on to the ‘tethering’ function.

Despite the iPhone initially being sold alongside the tagline of ‘unlimited’ data – it seems that O2 are throwing charges on top exactly the same as their Mobile Broadband USB dongles (except without the free dongle).

You will have to purchase bolt-ons to use the tethering function and it will cost around £15 a month for 3Gb and £30 a month for 10Gb.  Data charges per Mb above this limit are at least £2 per Megabyte.

It will be interesting to see if O2 could possibly be hampered under the trades description act, because I am fairly sure that my mobile phone came with the proviso of ‘unlimited data’ on my £35 a month contract.

Twitter users have been causing uproar about the new deals and #02fail has become a trending topic with the Twitter community.

Oh, and did we mention that unlike last time, there will be no cheap upgrade option for existing customers for the new iPhone 3G (S) which is released on the 19th June?

1. 4 MMS cost per 1 SMS – #O2Fail

2. Costly mobile broadband charges when iPhone supplied as ‘unlimited data’ – #O2Fail

3. No special deal for existing iPhone customers, compared to new customers, for new iPhone 3GS – #O2Fail

4. Failing to pass on full Apple price cuts for new products – #O2Fail

Come on Apple.  Time to start selling this handset on a few more networks and stop hampering UK consumers.

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