The iPhone launch – tears of joy (and pain)

So the brand new Apple iPhone launch passed off yesterday and the advertising man’s dream was here.

Apple iPhone OrderUsers in both England and Germany had queued up at some stores at midnight to get their phone (then obviously wondered who on Earth would want to be disturbed after midnight).

The French, bless, will have to wait till the end of the month to get their grubby mitts on teh device.

According to one 50 year old German man after walking out with his iPhone he declared:

“It was love at first sight.”

Ah. How romantic.

In the UK the network 02 has signed an exclusive what it calls ‘multi-year’ deal with Apple. However, business telephone users who intend to get their business number transferred to the new iPhone may be in for a nasty shock.

Many businesses, understandably, don’t want their employees having the coolest gadgets to sit around playing Tetris, surfing the web, listening to your MP3’s. No – they want you to do some damn hard work. And if a business wants to block you transferring your number to the iPhone then it jolly well can!

A senior figure at 02 said:

“We do want to keep it clear that this is a consumer launch on a consumer tariff

“Our advice is: if you’re in business, it’s probably best to check the policy within your company because it may not be possible to transfer your number from your business contract to the iPhone.”

The Apple iPhone is available now for around £269 on an 18th month contract.

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