02 launch free home broadband with mobile broadband

The mobile broadband really is beginning to come within everybody’s reach, with every network beginning to bash down the barriers that have made mobile broadband so scarily expensive.

Mobile network 02 has moved first in the new war and is offering arguably the best mobile broadband deal which will give you FREE home broadband for a year if you order online.

For only £20 a month you will receive your free USB dongle and up to 3Gb of mobile broadband, plus unlimited Wi-Fi connection at around 7,500 hotspots around the country, and free home broadband.  The minimum term is 18 months.

02 Mobile Broadband Dongle and Stick

02 has worked hard with its implementation of excellent Wi-Fi coverage across the country, their 3G infrastructure performs extremely well and most importantly of all, we think they have the coolest looking dongle.  Their home broadband division, who recently took over Be Internet, are also among the fastest and most reliable of all home broadband suppliers in the UK.

This offer commences on the 1st August 2008.

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