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3 Mobile are cutting the cost of mobile broadband in half when you take out a new mobile phone contract.  3 Mobile have all the latest phones, including the much heralded Nokia N96, and are now offering UK users their mobile USB broadband dongle on contract for half price.

If you’re about to purchase a brand new mobile on contract and would like to have mobile broadband for your laptop, or even your PC at home then it is worth looking at 3 Mobile this month.

The broadband contracts are for 18 months and for example the USB dongle with a gigantic 15Gb data allowance per month is only £15 a month (instead of £30) with your free USB dongle.  This is a saving of £270 on mobile broadband costs.

This offer is only available in October 2008.

Nokia N96 deals for 3 Mobile are available here

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  1. Reply Joey Jones Oct 8,2008 9:03 am

    I’ve had 3 mobile for a while and I pay the full £30 a month. Wish I had hung on a bit! But the quality is excellent. 15Gb is absolutely plenty for the vast majority of people. Good to hear they are giving the likes of Vodafone and Orange something to think about!

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