Review to find the best Mobile Broadband

An offline review of all five major mobile phone networks has led to the conclusion that T-Mobile and Vodafone leave the other three lagging behind in the race for the best mobile broadband supplier.

Mobile Broadband is moving forward faster than ever before thanks to more sensible pricing structures which are beginning to compare well with home broadband prices.  Speeds too, though they do vary with each network, are improving and the technology the large communications companies use is becoming cheaper and hence more widespread.

While Vodafone advertise up to 7.2 Mbps this is a theoretical figure and only attainable in small sections of central London.  We will have a full review ourselves shortly of all five mobile broadband suppliers and would be interested in your opinions if you use a 3G data stick.

For now, and a little sneak preview in to our overall verdict, we can’t fail to recommend T-Mobile’s Web n’Walk mobile broadband packages.

The package I use is T-Mobile’s Web n’Walk Plus at £15 a month.

Keep your eye out for our full review soon, and let us know your thoughts on your mobile broadband supplier.

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