Apple iPad 3G data plans and micro Sim cards UK 1

Apple iPad 3G data plans - micro-SIM UK

With the impending release of the Apple iPad – 3G operators have been busy unveiling their 3G micro Sim packages for the device.

The iPad comes in 6 different models. Three of the new devices have Wi-Fi + 3G capability.  A normal mobile SIM card will not work as the iPad requires a micro-SIM card.

These are not long term contracts like with mobile phones, you can choose to pay a fixed price per day, week or month of use.  If you order one of the Wi-Fi + 3G iPad’s then it’s as simple as ordering your relevant free SIM card and putting it in to the device.

02, Vodafone and Orange have all unveiled details of their price plans.

O2 iPad 3G package

500Mb per day £2

1Gb per month £10

3Gb per month £15

(More details on 02’s packages here)

Vodafone iPad 3G data package

1Gb per month £10

3Gb per month £15

5Gb per month £25

(More details on Vodafone’s packages here)

Orange iPad 3G data packages

200Mb per day £2

750Mb per week £7.50

3Gb per month £15

10Gb per month £25

(More details on Orange’s packages here)

Some of the deals also include Wi-Fi browsing at their associated partners, such as airports and other public areas.

The Apple iPad is due to be despatched on the 7th June 2010 in the UK.

One comment on “Apple iPad 3G data plans and micro Sim cards UK

  1. Reply Tilly Ashton May 14,2010 12:19 am

    Ordered my iPad, and now ordered my 3G sim.

    I’d imagine most people know what the best coverage is in the areas they are likely to use it.

    Personally I’ve got the Vodafone package. The 3Gb per month is the most reasonable. Free sim and a rolling 1 month deal.

    I’ve got an iPhone so you can tell from the Settings menu what kind of data usage you are likely to use. I am sure I won’t ever use anywhere near 3G in a month, but you never know how much video/TV you will use.

    I’m looking forward to it. No more squinting at my phone on the train home!

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