BBC iPlayer on the Nokia N96

We’ve had a few emails through to us asking about the Nokia N96 and using the BBC iPlayer feature.

Not only can you watch the programmes streamed direct to the phone but you can also download the programmes to your mobile.  A few people, such as those of you who use the Tube, feel like your missing out on those commutes home.

So, you can either visit directly on your handset or underneath you are presented with the option to download to your handset.  If you do this you must select the Windows Mobile download version.

With 16Gb available already on the Nokia N96 then you’re not going to put a dent in your N96’s memory with the latest episode of Eastenders, Mock the Week, or whatever it is that floats your boat.

Do it before you leave work and you’ll have uninterrupted iPlayer enjoyment all the way home!

If you haven’t grabbed your Nokia N96 yet <tut tut>.  A comparison of the deals for the phone is available here.

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