Facebook Home for Android coming to your mobile phone

Facebook have announced details of their much anticipated Facebook Home software for Android.

Facebook Home software for Android

Facebook Home software for Android

There were rumours that Facebook would bring out their own handset – probably in collaboration with HTC – however Mark Zuckerberg and co have gone one better by enveloping their software directly into Android.

The software will essentially be a wrapper for Android – including ‘Cover Feed’ which will allow status updates and friends photos to appear on the home screen.

‘Chat Heads’ allows you to chat with your Facebook friends whilst inside other applications.

Zuckerberg said:

“We’re not building a phone or an operating system but we are building something that’s much deeper than an ordinary app.

“The home screen is the soul of the phone. You look at it about 100 times a day and it sets the tone for your whole experience. We think it should be deeply personal.”

There have been numerous concerns already aired about the privacy intrusion this could create – with Facebook capable of receiving even more information on your movements and contacts which will aid them to sell better targeted advertisements.

Facebook Home will be launched in the US first on Android phones.

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