Garmin nuvifone: The First Look

Garmin, makers of some of the finest Sat-Nav’s on the planet. So what exactly are they doing thinking about releasing a mobile phone? But hang on – didn’t Apple do something similar a few months ago?

Quite frankly – the Garmin nuvifone (which is due out in Autumn 2008) – looks like one of the sexiest mobile phones ever. If it gets released before Christmas this year it will be in all the coolest pockets around. Before I continue I think an image or two is needed…

Garmin Nuvifone Mobile Phone

Ah, that’s better. This will not only be a superb phone with 3G, but will also be the first ‘real’ Sat-Nav phone.

A lot of speculation about the phone at the moment and what it will or won’t contain, but the rumours we have heard include:

  • 3.5 inch touchscreen
  • HSDPA (in other words super 3G connection speeds)
  • Wi-Fi built in – ideal for internet surfing at home or on the move
  • Bluetooth A2DP (in other words high quality sound bluetooth – none of that crackling anymore)

Integration with Google will enable photographic geo-mapping – you take the picture and your mobile phone will remember exactly whereabouts in the world you where when it was took. A fantastic feature that you can use to your hearts delight.

Traffic news – again local to whereever you and your phone is and so many more features.

The Sat-Nav will be as impressive as Garmin’s stand-alone units. It is expected to come pre-loaded with all the European maps and voice features.

The camera is widely tipped to be a 3 Megapixel standard – and the geotagging will be done automatically on your pictures. Not only this but yes – it will record video and play back your MP3’s too.

Keep your eyes peeled on this one – we like the look of it – and we think the Garmin nuvifone will be a big kid on the block in 2008.

Garmin Nuvifone Internet Browser

Garmin Nuvifone Handheld

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