Get cash for your old mobile phone

1 Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier
3.2 Billion chocolate bars
3 Brand New NHS Hospitals

What have the three things above got in common?

They all add up to around £1.6 billion. And that is the value of the 80 million mobile phones that are lying around in people’s drawers, lofts, sheds and down the back of the sofas in the United Kingdom.

Rather than just lying unused you can now get paid for getting rid of your old mobile phone with Envirofone who offer some fantastic rates on their website for your old mobile phones.

Depending on the handset the amount can vary from as little as £10 (enough for a round at the bar) to over £100 (a weekend away with the love of your life). As an example, currently, the Samsung U600 is worth around £65 just for you to stick it in an envelope. My old Nokia N93 is going to net me just over £50 (a trip to the football and a couple of pints beforehand, thanks).

If you have an old mobile phone (even if it’s broken) then go and pick it up out of that drawer and visit their website and see how much you could get just by sticking your phone in an envelope.

Then, feel free to buy me a pint. I’ll have a Tetley’s thanks!

envirofone - cash for your old mobile phone

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