iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C: UK Handset Pricing revealed

Details of the UK prices for both the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have been revealed.

Official retail prices of the phone, set by Apple, for the devices without a contract are surprisingly similar.

The iPhone 5S (16Gb), the flagship product of the Cupertino-based technology behemoth, will cost £549.

Yet the ‘cut-price’ iPhone 5C (16Gb) – aimed at the cheaper end of the market – is only £80 cheaper – weighing in at £469.

iPhone 5C - coming soon to the UK

The most expensive handset – the 5S (64Gb) – will set you back £709.

Farhad Manjoo from Slate Magazine told the Daily Mail:

‘Neither of these phones is the cheap iPhone that people had been predicting. Indeed, Apple didn’t really change its pricing strategy in any meaningful way. Across the globe, it will still be charging the same for its phones as it always has.

Contract details are due to be announced by all major UK networks for the brand new iPhones in the coming days.

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