Nokia 6300 pre-Xmas deals with T-Mobile

The Nokia 6300 has always been one of those classically sexy mobile phones.

Nokia 6300It is light, it is thin, it is small (completely unlike me). If slipping a phone in your back pocket with ease is one of the features high on your agenda then the 6300 could be your match made in heaven.

The high quality screen dominates this phone with a smaller keypad underneath. It is ideal for surfing the net or viewing the pictures you have taken on the 2MP camera included. There is an FM radio and an MP3 player (expandable memory cards can be fitted – it comes with a 128Mb card in the box).

Bluetooth, a video camera and a handsfree kit are all part of the package.

You probably will be hard pushed to find a better supplier of the Nokia 6300 phone than T-mobile – with their fantastic value FlexT call plans.

The phone is free on most contracts and we particularly like the look of the 18 month FlexT30 deal. The phone will cost you nothing, and you get £90 of call things for only £25 a month (either 900 free texts or nearly 8 hours of calls – or a mixture of the both).

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