Nokia E71 – Blackberry beater? 2

With the arrival of the Nokia E71 – Nokia’s high spec phones are aiming to make further inroads on the Blackberry market.

Nokia E71 - Silver version

Nokia E71 - Silver version

Moving on from the previous E51 and E61 incarnations, Nokia’s brand new E71 handset is much slimmer, and much more user friendly than the previous versions.

The display is slightly smaller, but as with the Blackberry Bold, this seems to be an improvement in making the most use of the QWERTY keypad these phones feature.

The screen is widescreen and at just under 2.4″ in size.  The phone is, as you would expect, quad band and can connect to 3G networks delivering speeds up to 3.6Mb/s.

It features the Symbian 9.2 OS, running at 369Mhz. It features 110 of internal memory but comes with an additional 2Gb microSD card.

The camera is an improvement on that of the Blackberry’s, at just over 3 Megapixels.

A GPS receiver is built in for SatNav functions, Bluetooth 2.0, FM Radio (and a proper headphone jack) and many other features including an Office document program.

The only negatives that can really be pointed at this phone is in fact it’s camera.  But then, who buys a Blackberry style phone to take the highest quality images?

Some deals are already available for the E71 both with O2 and with 3 Mobile.  Prices range from £20 a month with the handset free.

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  1. Reply DJ Sep 12,2010 2:34 am

    do they have msn??? (:

  2. Reply Koek Kai Bin Oct 6,2010 3:49 am

    May I know how much does the Nokia e71 hand phone cost?

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