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[DESC]Nokia N78 Front ViewFirst demonstrated at the Mobile World Congress last month, Nokia have already been working on their advertising for the new Nokia N78. This phone is expected to be released in May 2008.

Containing all the usual Nokia ‘supercomputer in your palm’ features such as maps, video, camera, internet, mp3 (and a handy ability to make telephone calls) it is set to be a sleeker product than Nokia’s current champion – the N95.

The phone will also be quad-band and will take advantage of the new broadband internet speeds.

However, the ‘killer app’ will most probably be the in-built FM transmitter.  You will be able to transmit your music straight over a radio frequency with obvious applications for in-car or even out and about.

Nokia is referring to the N78 as a ‘Sleek design. Capable multimedia computer.

We like the look of it and we’ll have a full review of the phone very shortly – in the meantime have a look at this….[/DESC]


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  1. Reply Nokia N78 Apr 18,2008 1:01 am

    The N78 rocks! Not quite as powerful as the N82, however it does sport a FM transmitter and FP2.

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