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Samsung F700 Smart Phone

One of the last released phones of 2007 is the Samsung F700 (super) Smart Phone – which will only be available on the Vodafone network. A touch-sensitive screen, and the standardised QWERTY keyboard make this phone an ultra-desirable handset for this up-coming Christmas.It looks gorgeous – it feels gorgeous and it is released on the 27th November 2007.

The touchscreen takes advantage of Samsung’s own VibeTonz technology which vibrates when it is touched. The iPhone touch-screen is occasionally fiddly as you are constantly flicking between looking at which keys you are pressing and then the display to see if it has recorded your touch. Using this VibeTonz technology feels more intuitive than the iPhone and makes for a swifter method of using a touch-screen. Well done Samsung!

Business users will love the horizontal slide-out keyboard which makes your typing easy.

The phone weighs in at only 139g, it is a weeny 15.9 mm thick. The 3.2 inch widescreen displays at 440 x 240 pixels. The phone is capable at browsing the web at super-fast speeds as it is 3G compatible (have that Apple!) and even has a built in HTML web browser to display websites as you would see them on your computer.

Did I forget to mention the stunning 3 Megapixel camera, coupled with the 1 Gb memory card (The phone can hold up to 3.5 Gb) – enough for around 1,000 MP3’s or 90 entire albums.

Vodafone are also throwing in some excellent Bose headphones with this phone.

Many websites have already declared this the iPhone-beater and ssshh, don’t tell the mugs buying the iPhone, but this IS a better phone – especially for those who not only want the media playing capabilities but also the ability to send emails etc.

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Samsung F700 Keyboard

Samsung F700 Vodafone

18 thoughts on “Samsung F700 review – exclusive to Vodafone

  1. Reply Samsung F700 Dec 11,2007 4:18 pm

    Great looking phone – would have been a market leader had Samsung decided to incorporate the same high spec camera as they are releasing in their other phones, ie: 5mp. But still well worth a look.

  2. Reply Purplemoondoll Dec 15,2007 4:01 pm

    Have just got this phone – its brilliant. Sansung have set the challenge with this type of phone no doubt and I would guess o2 are kivking themselves for taking the I phone instead of teaming up with Samsung for this. Vodfone have cornered the market. If this is the F700 I cant wait to see what the armani can do.

  3. Reply M Ravi Dec 18,2007 1:50 pm

    I owned this phone for 2weeks. Ended up sending it back. The touch screen functionality does NOT compare with that of the iPhone. It is annoyingly poor. Not to say that it doesn’t perform as a good all rounder it has a great slide out keyboard and software isnt bad but in my opinion its not even playing the same game as the iPhone, the F700 is a long loooong way off the mark.

  4. Reply Ian Shaw Dec 22,2007 12:30 pm

    Couldn’t disagree more with M Ravi.

    The iPhone is incredibly gimmicky. Lightning fast access to the email features – the slide out keyboard is fantasic.

    The Samsung F700 is the dog’s swingers. I have had friends showing off their iPhone to me and then I have showed them my new phone and they have gone as quiet as a mouse! Love it!

  5. Reply Michael Herst Dec 25,2007 9:29 am

    This phone looks and feels absolutely stunning – great touch screen control, full qwerty keyboard – really cool, people love it ….but

    After two days, I have sent it back, takes too long to do the simple things like make a call or send a text (if you dont open the slider a text before you write any message can take upwards of 10 actions…also the battery life is appalling (I even turned off the 3g – no difference)

    So its wonderfully stylish looking phone but immensely time consuming to do the simplest things in fact completely irritating- Needs a major software update with the ability to do proper shortcuts

  6. Reply HOWARD Dec 28,2007 12:50 am


    i have had this phone for a week or so and love it. i have heard so many people say it takes ages to send a message or make a call. what a load of rubbish. most samsungs are a little long winded when it comes to texting. i had the e900 which was long to text but not such a big thing. Making a call on the F700 only takes 4 touches. texting takes about 7-9 touches depending which way you go about it, if you are replying to a text it is alot quicker.

    The battery life will be bad for the first few days of having a new phone. My last phone was bad for the first few days then it sorted itself out and was fine.

    People comparing it the iphone can’t really. i have tried the iphone and i agree it is super slick. the touchscreen is different as the iphone has multitouch, but the F700 works just as well just doesn’t have the fancy sliding of frames etc when going between menus etc.

  7. Reply Dibbs Jan 4,2008 9:25 am

    Waited and waited for this phone and even extended my contract and now, well, i feel a little cheated.
    It is so annoying to get around. If you want to assign ring tones to people the music must be on the phone not the sim, so uses up the phone memory. You have to keep sliding the lock button, as the screen goes dark and the “button” never seems to work as you would think.
    I really just want to throw it away. Come back Sony all is forgiven.

  8. Reply adrianeds Jan 16,2008 7:28 pm

    Had this phone for about 6 weeks maybe bit more. Its not perfect, but it is really good, good for what a phone is designed for. No gimmicks just good plain and simple. Dont start comparing it to the iphone, thats all gimmicks no clout. iphone has stunning touch screen,a nd looks good, but to be honest thats where it ends. You got to try it and give it time, and you will be very very surprised. If not, well there we are, your loss in long run. The Samsung f700 is really good.

  9. Reply Miksta Jan 26,2008 1:38 pm

    ive been looking 4 a new fone n thi sone sounds good not like the hiptop slide which turns it self off…carnt wait till it comes out hope mi contract is dat long!!

  10. Reply shadad Jan 29,2008 8:56 pm

    Had thisfone for 2 DAYS it wouldnot slideopen ad when it did the uimage wa upside down, but i think i sided it theotr way roun.

    W910I HAVANA GOLD WAY BETTER!!!!! and i phone ofcoaus

  11. Reply Shell Feb 19,2008 12:17 am

    This fone is really good!
    Although after having this for a few weeks, the button on the screen caused the screen to crack 4 times, but has been sent for repair and hopefully all sorted.
    Found the slide out keyboard great, really easy to text with.

  12. Reply mmmmm Mar 1,2008 2:30 am

    well i’m looking at this phone and i really like it.
    but i was ultimatly wanting a hiptop, but now that i have seen this im not to sure.
    i really loved the hiptop because it has internet and msn messanger but im not to sure of this one does. everyone seems to be comparing to the iphone i think its a son of a gun and way to big.
    this phone looks quite little sooo im not to sure. CONFUSED!

  13. Reply rachel Apr 1,2008 5:55 pm

    i really want this phone it sounds mint carnt wait to get it lol !!!

  14. Reply sarahh. May 10,2008 9:18 pm

    Waiting for this phone was torture!
    I love it, like really.
    When it came i was like wow, i expected it to be smaller but in a way , bigger is better … the only annoying thing is sliding the lock and unlock every 2 minutes when you get a message … x

  15. Reply emmaa. Aug 2,2008 10:25 am

    This phone looks awsomee (:
    im getting itt ;D
    My friend has it and it’s like the coolest phone in the worldd <3

  16. Reply james Sep 30,2008 11:47 pm

    haha get mine tomoz yessss!!!!

  17. Reply Ruhena May 3,2009 1:14 pm

    how do i buy this phone.. why is it not available now..

  18. Reply pi May 24,2009 12:46 pm

    This phone is amazing! I love it. I cant believe all the bad things people are saying. All i wish is for it to have a different layout but it still looks good. It doesnt take that long for a phonecall or text. The slide out qwerty keyboard is easy to use and great for people who text a lot.

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