Samsung G600 – the 5 megapixel camera-phone 1

Samsung are becoming notorious for their sleekly designed slide-phones and the G600 is an astonishing 5 Megapixel camera too.

Free Samsung G600 Mobile Phone

It also contains an MP3 player, an in-built FM radio, and the 5MP camera on the G600 has auto-focus and a flash.

Vodafone have just released some details on their great new packages on the phone – with the handset costing you zilch.

In their special pack you will also receive:

– a free Bluetooth head-set (essential to avoid those driving fines!)
– a 1Gb memory card
– 50 free prints from your camera’s pictures – worth over £30.

Vodafone have a wide selection of 18 and 12 month contracts with a free handset. (Our pick of the bunch is the 18 month price plan with the first three months half price (£15 pm) – you get 300 minutes and 500 texts free a month)

Find out more on the Samsung G600 offers

Samsung G600

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  1. Reply Dave McKinnon Nov 15,2007 5:35 pm

    I can recommend this phone very highly. The FM radio is superb and the camera is probably the best quality have ever had on a mobile phone. A decent few extras in this package – the WEP-210 headset I have had for a while and it doesn’t suffer with crackles like a lot of its predecessors.

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