Samsung Galaxy S3 becomes world’s best selling mobile phone

Samsung have dethroned Apple, albeit maybe for a short while, as the producer of the world’s best-selling smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3

In the 3 months to September, the Samsung Galaxy S3 outsold Apple’s flagship iPhone 4S.  18 million S3’s were sold, compared with 16.2M of Apple’s iPhone 4S.

Understandably, these figures have a couple of important caveats.  Many Apple fans will have been aware that there was an update of the iPhone in the pipeline – the iPhone 5 arrived in October, and the Galaxy S3 was released after the iPhone 4S, and was also more powerful than Apple’s product.

In the run up to Christmas, analysts expect Apple to retake the lead with their iPhone line up, with expected sales figures of over 40M iPhone units, with at least 33M of these being the new iPhone 5.

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