Samsung Galaxy S4 set for record breaking launch

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 which will be released shortly has seen demand easily outstrip supply.

As many as 60% of people who pre-ordered with Vodafone might not see them receive the handset until some time in May at the earliest.

People hoping to pop into a local store this weekend of any of the UK networks are likely to be very disappointed.

O2 twigged a week ago that they would not be able to match all pre-orders, but Vodafone only informed some of their customers today – and tomorrow could see a number of disappointed people waiting for imaginary Galaxy S4’s to arrive.

The previous iteration – the Galaxy S3 – broke records for pre-order but stores had supplies in for SIM-free purchases the next day.  It is looking increasingly unlikely that customers will be able to purchase the handset direct from any UK stores on this Saturday.

The Galaxy S4 could be about to break some records – and some early adopters hopes.

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