T-Mobile G1 Google Android Phone

Will it revolutionise the world? Possibly.

The new Google Android phone, or T-Mobile G1 as others call it, will be available in the UK on the 30th October 2008, and its features, and upgradability, look set to wipe a smile off the face of tens of thousands of iPhone users.

Around 30,000 people have already registered interest in the mobile, which is exclusively available with T-Mobile, much like O2’s deal with Apple.

The G1 Google phone will open up the world of Google apps to users, and for those of us out here who love the plethora of Google tools – Gmail, Google maps, Google chat – it will be a fantastic mobile.  The in-built GPS connects superbly with the google maps feature for while you’re out and about.  You can also connect to your favourite instant messenging programs, so you can stay in touch wherever you are.

From what we’ve seen it’s 3 megapixel camera is much better than that on the iPhone, and it uses 3G and Wi-Fi just like the iPhone.

But the keyboard may just be the difference.

Hidden behind the gorgeous screen is a proper QWERTY keyboard.  Although we had only a few minutes hands-on with the G1 – this was a breeze.  No more index finger screen-tapping like the iPhone.  For us, this was the ‘key’ difference between the two handsets.

The new G1 Android could be the phone that really blurs the edges between Blackberry and iPhone.

The G1 phone is available with T-Mobile from 30th October 2008.

Google Apps we already love

1. MyCloset

Photograph your own clothes on their hangars, stick them in your phone, and then decide your outfits! What more could you want?

2. BreadCrumbz

You could navigate using the GPS map view. Or even better – how about navigating using photographs instead? Much more bizarre!

3. Locale

We’ve all been caught out by our ringtone going off where we don’t want it. At the cinema, at school or in work. Using the GPS feature and options you create – your phone will now automatically switch to the phone profile you want depending on where you are. Ideal for lazy people – like me!

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