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We’re constantly on the look out for the best brand new phone deals and the Nokia N96 looks set to be one of the must have’s of this Autumn and Winter.

Nokia’s beautiful new N96 – a sleeker and more powerful improvement on last year’s N95.  The Nokia N96 boasts 16 Gb of internal memory – enough to hold a wide collection of movies, music, photos, videos etc.

It also has a 5 MegaPixel camera, a GPS feature and it’s lightning quick internet also enables you to use the BBC iPlayer feature.  Perfect for catching up with the TV while you’re out and about or travelling to and from work.

Most of the big networks are launching the new Nokia N96 next week.  We have been rustling away comparing all the deals – with the cost of the Nokia N96 handset, the number of texts and minutes, the contract length and the monthly cost and we have concluded what we believe to represent the best deal on the market.

And it is congratulations to….


If you have the ability to pay £100 for the handset then the FlexT 40 deal from T-Mobile is our top recommendation.  The handset is £99.99, it’s an 18 month contract but for a monthly line rental of £31.50 you will get either 1250 minutes per month or 2500 texts (or a combination of the both of them!)

If you want the new Nokia N96 handset for free then our second best deals are with Three. Their Mix and Match 500 deal for this phone is our recommendation for the free handsets.  On this package the handset is free, the contract length is 18 months and the monthly cost is £33.  With this package you get a combination of 500 text or minutes.  If you want an extra 200 minutes or text then the £36 Mix and Match 700 is for you.

Enjoy your brand new Nokia N96.

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  1. Reply Jamie Danson Sep 30,2008 3:11 pm

    This new Nokia is going to smash the bulkier N95 to pieces. I can’t wait. Literally hours to go till it is launched.

    I know it has 16 Gb built in but does anybody know how much more it can take in memory cards?

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